52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #5. Estiu 1993 “Summer 1993” (2017) [Spain] – Carla Simón

#5. Estiu 1993 “Summer 1993” (2017) Spain
by Carla Simón
No one can tell you when to cry or how to process grief.
This story was patient with it’s protagonist Frida, a child who had to process the death of her mother at age 6. It’s as if the director gave her space from the viewers film pacing demands, allowing her to tip toe through a gamut of emotions. Grief isn’t always expressed perfectly or with Hallmark card poignance. Here I was happy to see it standoff-ish, thoughtful, possessive and every emotion on the spectrum of pain. Further, having this processed through the eyes of a child makes it all the more pure in its complexity.
I also appreciate the complex love that her Aunt, Uncle and cousin provided. It was layered and honest. I fell in love with and felt for every member of the family. Even the grand parents, who had slightly opposing views, still were wonderfully real and honest.
This is an important little piece on grief that says…
it’s not ok, but you will be ok and we love you.
This is a film I would share with my 8 year old, if we were dealing with trauma.
Bravo, a must watch!