52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #9. The Rape of Recy Taylor (2017) [USA] – Nancy Buirski


The Rape of Recy Taylor (2017) U.S.A.

– Nancy Buirski



A mother walking home from evening service with 2 friends is accosted by six men, kidnapped and raped.

There would be justice.

In 1944, a Black mother walking home from evening service with friends a black couple in Abbeville Alabama is accosted by six White men, kidnapped and raped.

There was no justice.

Even with the harrowing help of the NAACP led by Special investigator Rosa Parks, a national outcry from Black media, these six men…

got a court of their peers, friends and family who just could not see clear to serve justice.

Though Nancy Buirski’s documentary interviews lay our a bleak story that is sadly still topically relevant today 2017, it is also essential that these and all truthful stories about the development of this country, society and it’s treatment of diversity in cultures be address.

It took how long to get Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage month…where’s Native American History Month, Asian American History month.

At best when I was a child there were loads of white people in my history books, that slavery thing, then more white people. We shied away from talking about the true fabric of this nation when the ships landed, because One brought an enslaved race to help to help take over another races land. And the reason today in 2017 we are reiterating “Black Lives Matter” is because we do not allow our taught history lessons to own up to these horrible truths like the Rape of Recy Taylor, in order to discuss, open dialogues and learn. Instead we live in shells and watch parents and communities pass down bias views and ignore fundamental learn block from history.

Recy’s story (though very dramatized and not needing some of the re-enactments) is grounded in the interviews from family, locals and historians that care about her and/or history and I hope reflects a continued trend of Documentary filmmaking being (to some extent) WOKE!


The Rape of Recy Taylor (2017)

Produced by Nancy Buirski

Featuring:  Recy Taylor, Robert Corbitt, Alma Daniels, Ester Cooper Jackson, Crystal Feimster, Danielle McGuire