52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #17 Tully (2018) [USA] – Diablo Cody


Tully (2018) USA

Written by Diablo Cody

Every mom out there…has been there.

After childbirth and in the first year of raising a child, even the best Mom can feel “Empty” at one point or another. Empty as in, tapped out of energy to keep everything going. Empty as in drained physically and emotionally by midday, knowing now it’s time for pick-ups and dinner and homework and baths and bedtime stories and just a full Family Life.

This is where we find Marlo (Charlize Theron)…almost tapped out!

After the birth of her 3rd child she becomes rundown by life and parenting. And even with her kind and somewhat helpful husband Drew (Ron Livingston) life takes a toll, leaving her in great need of a little “Mommy Maintenance”.

Rewind: The story opens with the day-to-day life of a family of 4 Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter with a baby on the way. One night, Marlo and the family visit her brother Craig (Mark Duplass) and his “Perfect”ly interesting family with Organic Chefs, Kid educational entertainers and more. Craig’s group sets up a polar opposition to Marlo’s normal little clan. Still in love and understanding, Craig offers Marlo a “Night Nanny” as a baby shower gift which she skeptically refuses.

But after the birth of Child number 3 we see Marlo descend into an exhausting routine. Then one evening a young lady named Tully (Mackenzie Davis) arrives on Marlo’s doorstep. What starts off as an awkward set of exchanges slowly turns into a heart-warming friendship and later descends into a co-dependent obsession that reveals a lot about where both women are in their life and this story.

The writer Diablo Cody doesn’t preach as mush as sheds a funny and earnest light on motherhood, child birth and self care. No one is better than anyone else nor claims hero or villain role here.  You’re left with love, empathy/sympathy and the understanding that both pitching in and accepting help is ok.

Tully (2018) USA

Writer: Diablo Cody

Director: Jason Reitman

Starring: Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Ron Livingston, Mark Duplass

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