Kristina Leath-Malin is a Feminist Horror Scholar & Filmmaker who resides in Brooklyn NY.  She has studied writing, video editing, computer animation and design. She has curated 4 mixed media gallery exhibitions including a powerful Windows on the Worlds 9/11 piece direct from her experience as an employee of the towers. She was also a featured fractal artist in Curate NYC 2015 and Art Takes Times Square.

She writes Shorts, TV Specs and has tackled a few feature script. She gives coverage with NY Screenwriting Co-op and The NY Screenwriter’s Collective/ The Script Screenwriter’s podcast. Her short science fiction film  “The Fall” placed at the Indie Gathering film festival and currently  her documentary short “My Final Girl” about The Black Women in American Horror and Stephen King Dollar Baby “One For the Road” are in the Film Festival circuits.

Twitter – KLMBrooklyn

Instagram – KLMBrooklyn