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52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #19 Vuelven (Tigers are not afraid) (2017) [Mexico] Written by Issa Lopez

52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #19 Vuelven (Tigers are not afraid) (2018) Mexico Written by Issa  by Lopez Review by Kristina Leath-Malin Vuelven (Tigers Are Not Afraid) is the most hauntingly beautiful Ghost Story from writer/director Issa Lopez who channels not only a poetic truth of drug wars through children’s eyes, but also loss with such…
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52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #16 Altered Carbon (2017) [USA] – Laeta Kalogridis

52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #16 Altered Carbon (2017) USA Laeta Kalogridis What happens when “sleeve” love divides families ?   At the heart of this Neo-Noir series from Laeta Kalogridis, book by Richard K. Morgan on Netflix is the age old question “Is blood thicker than water?” Main Plot: An Envoy (assassin for good) is…
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52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #10. The Bad Batch (2017) [USA] – Ana Lily Amirpour

52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #10. The Bad Batch (2017) U.S.A. – Ana Lily Amirpour   I have two views on this film. Feminist Filmmaker’s view *(FF) and a Black Feminist Filmmaker’s view  *(BFF).   Let’s start with an overall take… Here we have the story about a loner in a dystopian world…Mad Max? No Arlen.  …
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52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #1. The Invitation (2015) [USA] – Karyn Kusama

#1. The Invitation (2015) USA by Karyn Kusama #52FilmsByWomen

REC 3 – Genesis (2012) SPAIN

Til Death do you part!…no really, part or apart or in bloody pieces!!!!     What a great way to take something beautiful and annoying (Wedding video taping) and turn it into a Terminator meets Dawn of the dead and Exorcist adrenaline ride! REC 3 picks up on the same story line by connecting the…
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Vertige (High Lane) (2009) FRANCE

Vertige (High Lane) (2009) FRANCE VERTIGE (High Lane) (2009) French It almost made it to the main road of ‘good movies’ BUT there was a bad DETOUR. This french “Descent” knockoff had a chance; great landscapes, good camera work, remote location, attractive actors, who were really athletic (wow!?!?!)  and can kind of act!?!? But overall…
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Sympathy Trilogy ( Mr. – Oldboy – Lady) (2002, 2003, 2005) KOREA

6 of the most satisfying hours of cinema I have ever had in my life! So I do have a short attention span for long drawn out plots, no big secret. But this trilogy has taught me for Chan-wook Park…wait for it…wait for it…POW!!! How does one make Dismemberment poetic? Ask Park. This Trilogy has…
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The Book of Eli (2009) USA

Come on? What were you expecting…Denzel doesn’t do Horror. It’s still a good movie though!     THE BOOK OF ELI (2009) USA Written By Gary Whitta Directed By “The Hughes Brothers-Albert Hughes & Allen Hughes Starring Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis & Gary Oldman   The Story… A lonely traveler wonders the aftermath of earth…
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