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Gore, gore, gore…gore, gore, gore…But where was the point?! So now is the time where I say “See at least SAW had a motive!!” or “And you Knock Friday the 13th part 100″…They had points!!!!! Abstract? In the film GROTESQUE, I was hoping to employ that word and ignore the hate, but abstract from what?…
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Lord of the Flies meets the Breakfast Club. I worked with this really cool chick (a while back) that was just as into horror as me, if not more so. I found this out when, one day, she came in wearing a Battle Royale T-shirt. Someone commented great movie and she said to me “You…
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Noriko’s Dinner Table (2006) JAPAN

Back again with more chicks causing havoc!!!! Sometimes you like the sequel, sometimes you like the prequel in Noriko’s Dinner Table, you get both and it’s awesome! For those of you that haven’t been exposed to Asian Horror, it’s a mixed bag. You’ve got your commercial hits/series” with ghosts and creepy girls like the Ring,…
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