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52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #13. RAW (Grave) (2016) [France/Belgium] – Julia Ducournau

52 FILMS BY WOMEN: #13. RAW (Grave) (2016) France/Belgium Julia Ducournau   RAW is a nuanced story of love, secrets, & acceptance. I read a comment on this film calling it a slow Ginger Snaps, but I think that fan (of possibly the horror genre) missed the subtle subplots. In the film, Justine (an adamant…
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Haute Tention (High Tension) (2005) FRANCE

What would you do to save your best friend? In this intense horror thriller by Alex Aja and Greg Levasseur, two girls Marie and Alexia go to Alex’s parent’s house in the country for the weekend to study. Once there, the family and guest are terrorized by a killer who shows no mercy. When the…
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