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REC 3 – Genesis (2012) SPAIN

Til Death do you part!…no really, part or apart or in bloody pieces!!!!     What a great way to take something beautiful and annoying (Wedding video taping) and turn it into a Terminator meets Dawn of the dead and Exorcist adrenaline ride! REC 3 picks up on the same story line by connecting the…
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REC 2 (2009) SPAIN

They went back in…What were they thinking?!?! By KLM So, I was afraid, very afraid. There‘s this thing that’s out there, it’s called “Sequel-itus”!?!?! A company is so amped up to cash in on a movies popularity they crank out quick flop. There are several reason to be afraid: 1. All of the characters you…
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Rabid done right! If you spent the 8-14 bucks seeing Quarantine, sorry.  In case you didn’t know it was actually a remake of the Spanish film REC that was still in theaters in Spain as they tossed out a copy here in the States. (Spoiler Alert!) Simple, simple.   A reporter (low on the totem…
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