Legion (2010) USA

~The Little Movie That Didn’t…stick to one rip-off!!


FULL OF SPOILERS (Read on at your own risk)

So what do you get when you start with the original Terminator transition to Feast and end with a limp take on the Prophesy franchise?

You get a mosh pit of ideas mixed with (sad to say) a bunch of good actors buffering their bank accounts in this recession…ie…LEGION.

Let’s count the obvious rips (in filming order)

  • Terminator (something falls to earth to save one important human)
  • Feast (people surrounded in a bar/restaurant)
  • Exorcist II/ The Reaping(lots of bugs and Biblical She-ight happening)
  • Resident Evil II (Let’s stand on top of a building and shoot at some huge unimaginable obstacle with some flimsy rifles)
  • Matrix (weird shaky head as a human is overrun by another life form)
  • Prophecy I, II, III (Angels fighting)


And even with all of this said I would have been happy if the actors didn’t seem so bored, but gosh their dialogue was uninspiring-so who could blame them. (Kate Walsh from “The Practice” got a better script for her Cadillac commercial “when you turn your car on, does it return the favor”) Not to mention that the best scene of the movie is the teaser/trailer hit (Sweet, sweet Granny!)


Consider this a warning more so than a review.

I’m not a hater just disappointed looking at the end product.

Next time when you’ve got a budget and great actors for a cool sci-fi project take an extra second on the script or call Marcus Dunstan & Patrick Melton.

Directed by: Scott Stewart
Wrttien by: Peter Schink & Scott Stewart
Starring: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid and Charles Dutton.

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